7 thoughts on “SUPER BIG WIN!!! What Multiplier Should I Choose??? Can Can Slot Bonus

  1. Awesome win! I️ decided not to speed up my bonus one time I️ think my bonus took 30 minutes!! She counts so slowly 😆🤔

  2. Great win aaron! So glad you keep playing Can Can, nobody else posts video of it anymore!

  3. Congrats on the awesome win! You are featured on this weeks Top 5 Slot Videos of the Week! You can check it out here.

  4. Very very tough game to handpay on. 6x multiplier would have been twice as much thou and you would've received more money from hitting the mini progressive as well. I understand you are giving yourself an extra chance at the GRAND but the machine even tells ya one wheel spin is the optimal play to take. Still an entertaining video!

  5. Why wouldn't you always take the most spins? More chances for the ultimate prize the Grand. Just asking for opinions.

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