**SUPER BIG WINS!** 60+ SPINS! RETRIGGERS! Napoleon and Josephine WMS Slot Machine Bonus

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Still having fun on the Napoleon and Josephine WMS Slot machine! Tons of super big wins and retriggers! A lot more videos coming soon on Napoleon and Josephine Slot, Mystical Unicorn Slot, King of Africa Slot, Bier Haus Slot, and Pirate Ship slot so be sure to subscribe!

Some other great WMS G+ Deluxe games are: Napoleon and Josephine Slot, Jungle Wild 3 Slot, Nordic Spirit Slot, Bierhaus Slot, Kronos Slot, Vampire’s Embrace Slot, Great Eagle Returns Slot, Alexander The Great Slot, Kodiak Island Slot, Pirate Ship Slot, Laredo Slot, Wicked Beauty Slot, Mystical Worlds Slot, Winter Wolf Slot, Sea-tales Slot , Black Knight 2 slot, and many more! I hope to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada soon to get some Big Slot Wins on some more classics! People are obsessed with the Buffalo Gold Slot 15 heads but I enjoy playing these games more!

I am Slotman777 and I enjoy classic slot machines! Thanks for watching! Best of luck and play responsibly! Be sure to comment, like, subscribe , and share for more great 👍 content! It really helps me out I work hard to create these videos at my own expense! Gambling is a losing proposition in the long run always play within your means!

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⚔️MASSIVE HUGE WIN!⚔️ the King and The Sword Slot Machine:

🥇AMAZING JACKPOT HANDPAY🥇Napoleon and Josephine Slot Machine

🦁AMAZING MAX BET BONUS WIN🦁 King of Africa Slot Machine

✳️EPIC WINNING RUN✳️ King of Africa Slot Machine

💰MEGA BIG WIN!💰Jungle Wild III 3 Slot machine

🦄MAX BET HUGE FULL SCREEN WIN!🦄Mystical Unicorn Slot Machine!

💰DOUBLE MEGA FULL SCREEN WIN! 💰Mystical Unicorn Slot Machine!

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**SUPER BIG WINS!** 60+ SPINS! RETRIGGERS! Napoleon and Josephine WMS Slot Machine Bonus

42 thoughts on “**SUPER BIG WINS!** 60+ SPINS! RETRIGGERS! Napoleon and Josephine WMS Slot Machine Bonus

  1. Good Morning ☀️ Fantastic Rounds!! Wishing you that huge handpay for Christmas 🎄 🎁 Bestest of Luck! Thanks for the morning entertainment! 🍩☕️

  2. Hello friend happy day wonderful production work quality compliment like friend

  3. Good morning Sir. 1:34 in & I thought you had hit a MASSIVE WIN, I was yelling come on, come on!! This was a great session for you my friend. Awesome bonuses. That last one was a rip-off but hey, a win is a win. Congratulations 👏🎉

  4. Awesome Wins!! Except the last one, that should have been huge! It amazes me how you know the result of the spin while it is still spinning lol.
    Big Congrats!!

  5. Very nice bonuses bro! I feel for you with that last one with over 60 spins, I was hoping you’d get another 5 hit or something nice.

  6. Napoleon was a ruthless evil man in the real world! I’m surprised he would share money with gamblers!

  7. nice video and nice winnings on your first bonus games.
    what a horrible bonus with 75 spins😱. that proves once again how hard these games are to play.
    good luck friend and hope next time better🍀
    Greets SS Slots🇮🇹

  8. Thank you for the video Slotman777; I was hoping for a bigger bonus round for you too! Hang in there, it's coming!😁

  9. I totally agree the less spins the better the bonus most of the time! But hey it was still a great video to watch and I still love to get a lot spins hoping for some huge wins! Best of luck always my friend 💙stay safe!

  10. Good job my dear friend! I'm doing not good on this game or maybe I don't play enough. LOL 😊😁

  11. oh man, i feel you on that 60+ spins, that seems to be the theory when you get many spins as a start, it will just play games with you, though the rare chance of getting can still happen, and including that clip in the beginning where it look it was going to be a mega with that 5 of a kind went right in between, that really sucks, i seen that too many times including when trying to get the free spins, it finds a way to go between the josephines in the 5 reel lol. Overall great win and Happy Holidays to you and your family!!

  12. It depends, sometimes more bonus spins could be a sign it might pay a maximum win as well. The best is not to stop the spin automatically, the machine is always knowing that by stopping the reels manually means that they win most of the time and accumulate till the right spin comes. I dont suggest stopping manually.

  13. It's like 25 spins on KOA and MU. The kiss of death. Better off with 10 spins.

  14. How can you tell when the scatter or the big reel(s) come in? You seem to see it before it even appears.

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