Super Blast Wheel Slot Machine Bonus – Big Win!!!

Super Big Slot Wins Video Information:

Denomination – Penny
Total Bet – $4

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Super Blast Wheel Slot Machine Bonus – Big Win!!!

27 thoughts on “Super Blast Wheel Slot Machine Bonus – Big Win!!!

  1. lmao! "stopppp.. yes jackpot!!! what's that mean??" LOL– I seriously watch your hilariousness all the time.. and lose too much money in the machines at the casinos because i want to play them and have fun like you do.. lol.. damn wonka

  2. So, yeah, does anybody know how to get the major? Is it just "random" when/if you hit the Jackpot slice on the wheel? I've got that a few times and always get the minor.

  3. Hey sdguy can you do live plays on scratch off tickets like you did before? I really enjoy all your videos!!! :):)

  4. My biggest slot win was on this. I had a win of $21 and then 50x multiplier came up. My total was $1360. I never got that win again lol.

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