44 thoughts on “SUPER GRAND ON $10 BET #slots #casino #jackpot #slotwins

  1. I've never seen that, but a guy next to me today won 22k on a 88 cent bet on Dancing Drums.

  2. Ok clearing up some info for those who don’t play slots often
    1. She was betting the max bet on 1cent denomination so it went to $10 per spin.
    2. Only if you bet max, do you usually have a solid chance at winning a grand jackpot.
    3. The grand jackpot reset itself to $50,000 after the $250,000 was hit. Which means, it’s been a very long time since that has been hit
    4. Gentlemen then said, “you’re going to be here for 6 hours” meaning by the time they payout $250k to her, plus the tax form, it will be a long time. Etc.

  3. People are so annoying winning. Just stfu and sit quietly no one wants to hear your annoying cringe voice

  4. The guy said she’ll have to wait 6 hours which usually isn’t true but I’ll wait 6 months or more lol 😂❤🎉congrats

  5. It happens to me before too as I walk away from the machine that I played when someone else's sat down on that machine and boom major jackpot right on I was so pissed when I see it and I was like walk away like bye Felicia lol

  6. For a minute there I thought they were going crazy over $250. Nope!

  7. Don't let it bother you that you had gotten up. It works off RNG so you would have had to press all the buttons at the exact same microsecond as that person.
    You would've had to hit the Bonus at the right moment then hit each Bobus spin at the right moment too. The idds of you duplicating that are astronomical.

  8. And I just got excited betting $1.60 and winning the grand ($2317.00) This would be amazing. I was playing a 4 game machine so really I was betting 40c a game.

  9. So he won and not you? I'm confused because it's illegal for someone else to claim your prize money….good for whoever though.

  10. If you played on for the next 30mins or 2 hours it doesn't mean you will have won that jackpot.

  11. Not buying this for a minute. Way too many of these videos surfacing lately. Brought to you by the gaming commission.

  12. I hope this woman kept the winnings and improved her and her family/ friends lives. Well done

  13. "6 hours"? I lose $500 betting $2 and $4 dollars in 20 minutes in Illinois

  14. I’ve had this happen to me twice lol but once to an older black couple and a 2nd time to an older white couple. I’m like “damn, Native American ancestors, can y’all come through” lol but as long as it went to older people, I’m aight.

  15. My biggest win was similar in that
    1- I was betting min to qualify
    1A- min was $.30/ max was 1.50
    2- I ended up winning Mini/Minor/Major/Grand… Total-$5400

  16. Just because you were on this machine does not mean that it would have hit like this

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