SUPER + MEGA BIG WIN Progressive Desert Moon WMS Slot

Super Big Slot Wins Video Information:

I was playing this machine for about 6 hours. Sat down when the major was at about 480. It wasn’t paying anything for the first couple of hours. Had me up and down for the rest of the time till I finally hit it. I was dying to go to sleep after this lol.

WMS Desert Moon G+ Deluxe
1¢ Denom – $0.80 Bet

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SUPER + MEGA BIG WIN Progressive Desert Moon WMS Slot

13 thoughts on “SUPER + MEGA BIG WIN Progressive Desert Moon WMS Slot

  1. Dont mean to be rude by asking, going to reno next month and I have never played this progressive type. I assume if its close to the end to play it.

  2. there is no set stratagy at winning the major progressive i have won it on kronos at exactly 400 dolllars i have wont it at 360 and ive won it at 460 all on 40 cent bets i have never won it on anything higher than a 40 cent bet so it does go to show this thing can really hit any time on any bet

  3. I have never won a major by it being high. Mine were 273. 383. 309. 389. And i think thats it. I think i won another when my phone was broken. Lol. Two of those happened when i was going for the 46+ minors. Super surprising. Anyways. At least you won. Chasing a major is very evil. Lol

  4. uh hate to tell you but these hit random no matter what the anount is. I seen people hit the major at 340, 320 ,365 and so on. I have also seen someone hit the minor then hit the major right after another.

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  6. Amazing……impossible……unbelievable….inconceivable……..sounds like me having **** last night.

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