Super Spins Bar X – £500 Jackpot Slot – LIVE PLAY with GAMBLES

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I thought I would try out Super Spins Bar – X, it’s kind of a remake or upgrade from the original lo-tech slot; Bar X that used to be in the arcades years ago. This one is a random £500 version with a bonus feature that I think gives a win with every spin. It’s not too bad, but it gets boring after a while, especially as nearly every spin is a near miss due to the lack of symbols.
There is an online version of this slot but I haven’t played it, although I expect it is very similar to this version.

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Super Spins Bar X – £500 Jackpot Slot – LIVE PLAY with GAMBLES

23 thoughts on “Super Spins Bar X – £500 Jackpot Slot – LIVE PLAY with GAMBLES

  1. Merry Christmas just lost on centurion could you give me a swag shout out please and give me more centurion ta

  2. Gonna comment every video until you play both 🙂 diamond goddess and pay it again pleeeeease

  3. what a irritating game, Give Samurai Dynasty a whirl in Dones, the bonus can be really nice

  4. One of my favourite slots, boring to watch but has got good potential. I've had a full screen of super spins a few times. This gives 50 super spins which normally pays the JP or full screen of bars. I normally play £1 stake. I noticed your last vid didn't have Mr Stop and Step with the Santa hat in the intro, clearly an error on your part please be more careful on your future vids 😜 Lol

  5. i love ur vids. can they come with a warning to stop munters with no money like me to show how hard it is. cool craig

  6. This machine is one serious heap of ****e & someone who hasn't the balls like you to gamble big will lose a fortune ? Never seen a full screen of bars or crosses………And never will ??

  7. Shout out for big wozza ?
    I crushed icy wilds in betfred yesterday 3x £20 fortune spins and got the jackpot £500.
    Went back later with a tenner and took another £210 in one spin off of 50p stakes .
    Great video as always

  8. Yet Another amazing video stop and step your the best youtuber on this planet wow please try to keep your wins in the future because it gets boring watching you lost all the time I like to see you win not lose its alot more enjoyable to watch plus it means you get richer and the bookies get poorer LOL other than that I love all your videos there all fab and I always look forward to watching your videos every day your a great guy I hope your you tube channel keeps going from strength to strength cause you deserve it mate please can I have a shout out in your next video please thanks for making my day everyday with all your videos I am very thankful to you looking forward to your next video stop and step can't wait please can do more worms slots I love them there ace like you bye for bud 😎

  9. That machine is a money eater. It only makes crappy combinations because it doesn't want any customers to win on that Slot Machine

  10. Biggest con actually is when they say it’s random, maybe a random order but the odds are set, so how is it random? (That does make you laugh).

  11. blueprint guys left a glitch on this and i just found out a bit late as its been modified put the refill key in adjust percentage to 100% and pots

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