32 thoughts on “Super Star Turns. MEGA & ULTRA PLAY. Ladbrokes Slots Machine. UK Bookies

  1. your content is much better when you push the gambles more. i hope to see more of it in future videos. big gambles are what the real gamblers want to see.

  2. Well done bud yeah on red wheel anything but money is 9 times out of 10 jackpot 🎰 thanks for the super star turns happy you got your money back 👍

  3. Well done. On red wheel 50 spins almost guarantees jackpot 👏👏👏👏👏

  4. 27:14 😫 I'm gutted you didn't get that. Stay Safe on them power spins mate. They are Brutal as F***

  5. I wish people would stop posting the outcome in the comments , making watching it pointless.

  6. Was so good to see you get jackpot.felt like it was my money at one point i and would probably have walked away a bit earlier with my head hanging low ha

  7. If you would have banked some on the £228 gamble, it would have dropped the values and could have gambled for a blue.

  8. Please hit the collect button sir, it really is no good for 1s snapper muscle.

  9. Can't watch or play Rocky with them new sounds they are horrendous what happened to the original music.

  10. We all say just a little bit more and never win lol Tommy is 300 in and says 100 more and pulls a jackpot. Great play bro. Congrats x

  11. Lol, apologies Tommy, I swore at you when you gambled that first big win, lol, just came out

  12. Should of went back of the green mega spins on super star turns its compensated

  13. I remember once I won free spins on eye of the Horus, and got the golden eyes symbol, and got 4 5 of a kind lines which should of paid £1000, but because these Crookies are capped at £500 jackpot, it cancelled my extra £500 win.

  14. I hate this game with a ****ing passion & ladbrokes there machines are robbing bastards, I played £720 threw ultra spins and hit it the 5 spins 29x and never got 1 single bonus or even a win over 9 quid. My total winnings from 145 spins was £31

  15. Funny that you was disgusted at eye of Horus even though it’s your profile pic 😂 anyway good video!

  16. Comes up current playing time 20 mins.. 400 quid in.. Ye **** them right off mate.. Weeks wage in 20 mins.. No wonder every ****ing bookies in country has 4 machines in.. 🙄

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