9 thoughts on “Super Team: Robot Bonus, HUGE WIN Slot Bonus

  1. it is up not, sorry it took longer to process cause of the length of the video. thank you for your patience

  2. in secret, they frown upon videotaping bonuses. ive been threatened to be kicked out if i didnt stop. i think its dumb personally

  3. it definitely gave me a good run. but when it was over, it did not mess around, this game definitely will get more play when it comes closer

  4. Nice win I've actually done fairly well on this game. The only complaint I have about it is that on the Slotoropolis free spins you get switched on volatility. If you play ruby it goes to emerald if you play emerald it goes to ruby. I like Ruby in the main game and I want ruby in the free spins. So I'm often switching between the 2

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