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  1. Check out our review of Spinz Casino –

    Check out our review of Playgrand Casino –

    Check out all of my offers in one place at –

  2. Sweet success is an absolute ****. Kinda shows you how most games are designed and scripted. I have had so many of the 2nd stage bonuses and so many times you get that feeling like you're about to get the free spins and it always goes down to 1 blue 1 red (lowest red too, ofcourse) and it always gives you the amount win… pre determined scripted pile of **** 99% the same scripted outcome to make you think ohhhh so close! Lets try again eh…

  3. £420 chip blaze it up lol. That game you asked about was rubbish and keep sweet success on ban list for good it's soooo bad

  4. I like these more realistic stake vids chip, keeps it in line with what us normal Joe blogs can afford. Nice work 👍

  5. I see it simply like this. You can't knock chip for trying to "promote" his channel and be a bigger streamer. He's trying to progress and puts in a lot of hardwork progressing the channel. Where the grey area come into it is when we see he has a "insane" win we think thousands because most of his stakes are "high" stakes rather than "small" stakes.

    I can genuinely see both sides but don't knock the man for trying, god loves a tryer!

    Some of the hate on here is like he's just robbed the queen for christs sake

  6. Great job again on the video. Pragmatic are quickly becoming one of my favourite providers, the standard of their games is up their with the best.

  7. Just a thought which I would personally like, could jord total up how much each bonus costs? I know they all vary but it sometimes is good before you play a game to see if it has a tendency to pull your pants down for a bonus(not moaning just a suggestion). Cheers m'duck.

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