THE CHESHIRE CAT Slot – BIG WIN! – Slot Machine Bonus

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It has been almost a year since I have featured a Cheshire Cat video. I really like this game…but as most of you are aware, you must catch this game at the right time…or it can take your bankroll and swallow it. I played this one at my local…and I was very surprised it only took 30 bucks until I triggered the feature. Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, share, like and subscribe. Your support is appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy 🙂

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THE CHESHIRE CAT Slot – BIG WIN! – Slot Machine Bonus

12 thoughts on “THE CHESHIRE CAT Slot – BIG WIN! – Slot Machine Bonus

  1. nice! just shows you, you can get that hit without the 4 guaranteed wild reels.

  2. Gems! Gems! Gems! Love that big win celebration music! Congrats!

  3. Tour of PA! Parx is such a fun place to gamble! I never do good in this one so I enjoy when people do! Thanks for sharing!

  4. can you explain how the bet system works on this machine? I'm confused as to how it's 40 lines, but you're betting a dollar with a multiplier of 10.

  5. Damn great win for 2 reelsets. 5 Wilds make all the difference in this game, paying way better than even the top non-wild symbol.

  6. Now imagine 4 screens ha ha ha. The 5 wild pay a lot but really doesn't occur much seriously.

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