Tiger’s Realm II Slot Bonus – Awesome Burst, Super Big Win!

Super Big Win Video Information:

Still taking my shots with Awesome Reels by WMS and its extreme volatility. Got the free spins bonus in Tiger’s Realm II and hoping for that coveted combination of top symbol plus Awesome Burst. Did I get it? See for yourself. A Super Big Win on minimum bet. Back to low-rolling after my 100 spin max bet FAIL! Taken at Harrah’s in Las Vegas, NV.

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Tiger’s Realm II Slot Bonus – Awesome Burst, Super Big Win!

12 thoughts on “Tiger’s Realm II Slot Bonus – Awesome Burst, Super Big Win!

  1. You pulled this off but couldn't get a single bonus on Walking Dead? 🙂  Not easy to get 1 much less 2 bursts on the same bonus! Very nice!

  2. Great win … I like this game … I'll still give it a shot whne I see it … you just never know!

  3. Awesome win!  My first burst was exactly like the second one here – all I needed was the fourth reel to connect them – mine was with the black cougars.  Oh, and to see that opportunity of getting the tigers and AwesomeBurst – OMG!!!!  Congrats =)

  4. Amazing bonus. Lots of action. Usually a dud to make for the big potential. Thanks for recording it!

  5. Thought id revisit this video.
    Its probably harder than the intensely volatile robin hood and the golden arrow but would love someone to hit thousands on here on camera again!

  6. Keep up the cool vids Shinobi! I don't like this one much but you did pretty good dude!   Any Shin fans want to Sub4Sub? I always subscribe back 🙂

  7. So what I take from this watching both games: 6 months ago you won 4 times as much money of this same game – so, even though this was a good win (not at all deserving of so many damns  :)), the casinos have tightened up ALOT.

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