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TOP 10 WORST CASINO SLOT MACHINES TO PLAY (SO FAR 2021) ☠️ WOULD YOU PLAY THESE? Since the last time I did a TOP 10 of the Worst Slots to Play in the Casino (2020), 10 newer games have made it on to my list for 2021! These are games that I have tried in the casino with little luck so far. Either they have very poor pay tables or are extremely tight with bonuses. NOTE: These are my personal picks based on my personal experience (YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY). Do you have other games you would add and/or do you disagree with any on my list? 😉

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  1. I remember the days that slots actually paid out, the more lines and sparkly features a machine has these days, the less likely anyone is going to be able to play more than 4 minutes 🙄

  2. For bad casinos trust me people is the mukeshoot casino in auburn washington that casino it's bad I played lots of money you name it I seen lots of people playing big bets for hours and believe me you have no chance it's the truth

  3. I don't play those machines plus all the celebrity machines. They either take all your money or give you a big win nothing in between. That's been my experience.

  4. Do you feel you have better luck on the old school games rather than the new sparkly glitzy games? I tend to stick to the old aristocrat ones, mostly because max bet is like $2 and sometimes get a great win.

  5. I like The Flintstones slot. Not sure how new it is. I walked out of the Cosmopolitan up 350 from the Flintstones. The "Buy a Bonus" feature was so much fun winning 3x with the Gravel Pit dinosaur. Happy New Year!

  6. Check out my slot win this morning BCGAME Gates of Olympus Free Spins

    I also do giveaways on some videos so make sure you read the description

  7. Albert amazing video. I know this one is really old but came up as recommended so I watched it. Thanks for the amazing content with every video.

  8. Have to disagree on the dancing drums … on a 188 bet , 3rd hit … 20,000 in Oklahoma

  9. Cash Falls appears to be boring and a struggle! These are just awful! Thanks for sharing I won’t play them 😉

  10. Terrible machines. I won $5,074 on the 5 Dragons. Paid my car off. I won $1,500 on the Medusa machine in 2021. Ameristar dried up since then. Their slot people look mad and unhappy.

  11. The concept behind deluxe spinder is the numbers on the reel go on the wheel

  12. Wish they'd make the entire building non smoking & put up designated smoking areas outside. I've been to the non smoking casinos in other states & let me tell you from an ex smokers point of view it's so nice to go into a casino & then go home NOT smelling like an ashtray. And of course there's the health benefits for those that don't wish to be in second hand smoke.
    I have plenty of friends that smoke & they were upset about the new non smoking rules but they quickly adjusted. The casino added areas outside that are covered & heated for anyone wishing to take a smoke break. They have employees that will watch your machine for 10 minutes so that you can go to the restroom or smoke & return to the machine or your buddy can watch the machine for you while you run to the bathroom or smoke. This way the non smokers aren't inhaling smoke only the smokers are.
    I'd take a shower to go out to the Ks Star casino & then take another one when I got home & I still couldn't get the stink or stench of the smoke out of my hair. I am absolutely baffled that they'd still allow smoking during a pandemic. People exhaling smoke & spit inside the building is just asinine during a pandemic.
    After a couple of weeks of being a non smoking establishment people got use to it. I haven't heard one person complain that they wished they could smoke inside during the pandemic, most have enough sense to know it's best not too & they just accept it.
    The casino always worries about the smoker hollering that they won't frequent the Casino anymore. But guess what there's not much choice if they're all non-smoking, they will go. Not only that the non-smokers that can't stand the smoke & have been staying away because of it will start to frequent the casino as well so it'll balance out.
    I'm moving back soon & probably won't go to the casino as I like to breathe.

  13. Prancing Pigs is the worst! I played over $500 and NEVER got a bonus. My fault but I got n angry and started chasing it 🤯🤣😬. I'll never play it again.

  14. I had a very different experience on Spin-der…. Maxi’s do happen. Fun video and a different spin, no pun intended.

  15. I would never ever play that last part of the video!!! That slots is way too impossible for me to win anything, tho!

  16. Ive won on spartacus many times but was different then that game…highest bet is $2.50

  17. Don't Gamble in Arizona. Everything changed since late 2018. Matter of fact I used to win pretty well at the Talking Stick and Casino Arizona 'casino's' back then, but, in the last 3 years, I haven't won ****. Example: In 2018, I used to play 88 Fortunes and odd's of winning where good. I won 5 – 6 $800 – $900 bonuses, won $1550.00, $1,210.00, $1,000.0 at least several times. After October 2018, it all went down hill. I haven't been able to hit anything even decent and these new machines are designed to just bait you. You'll win say $68 during a bonus round (ya, what a joke), or possibly as much as $200.00, but you want to keep playing in hopes for a bigger payout and eventually it just takes it all back. Won't be gambling anymore in Arizona or probably at all. The greedy owners have made it clear they're there to rob you and are probably smiling ear to ear doing it.

  18. You should try the casinos in alb, NM. One guy, who after seeing my brother lose a couple hundred, told us "Dude, the pandemic losses have changed the way the machines are calibrated." We looked at each other and said "Yeah Then slowly we started to realize we weren't seeing any laughter, no shouting wins, alotta of angry people. So we started to talk to other players. Everybody we talked to said the same thing, That the casinos are trying to recoup their losses during the pandemic. So whether that is BS or another theory for losing players is up to you to believe or disbelieve. As far as my brother is concerned we went a couple more times to observe and play a little and decided to not go to these casinos here in Alb, NM. That's was our experience, yours may vary or be the same. And in the immortal words of W.C. Fields: "Never give a sucker an even break or smarten up a chump." Ahhh yess.

  19. Cash falls my husband hit the mega on a .50 bet after spending 6.50 in the machine 🎰🎰🎰

  20. Game of the West in Oregon lottery (not casino but still slot) has bitten me twice, won't ever play it again. 15 spins at 7x multiplier… $14… And 15 spins at 8x multiplier for a grand total of $12. Both betting max of $2.50/spin. Takes hundreds of spins to get to that progressive multiplier level.

  21. Thank you for Reality…..this is 95% of us who go to play and looooooose.

  22. I have pretty good luck with dancing drums and poker on cruises.

  23. the worst casinos are in Warsaw, the slots only take away, that's why I only play blackjack.

  24. when you use to play machines you never played instead of goofing around bad machines this always happens

  25. My wife used to rather regularly take money out of the original Wolf Run. That ended when the the game went away and was replaced by the "improved version". It seems like when a manufacturer replaces a popular game with an improved version that version is more stingy than the original.

  26. When do you decide to quit. We went last week and a couple machines finally hit after like $80

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