Tuesday Slots Session With Jimbo! Golden Catch, Mental Super bonuses & more

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Tuesday Slots Session With Jimbo! Golden Catch, Mental Super bonuses & more

44 thoughts on “Tuesday Slots Session With Jimbo! Golden Catch, Mental Super bonuses & more

  1. Hi, How's your evening? cheers for clicking and watching my YouTube video! Your fav brummie x

  2. Jimbo you need to be giving Craig some tips on playing the slots again lol

  3. Jambos math channel, definatly not Jambos biology channel… Kidneys not lungs, lungs are much more triangular, and the tube in the middle goes down to your bladderr, lungs tubes go up, unless your dicks a snorkle.

  4. Out of everyone doing mental super buys I don't think I have ever seen a xNudge, I've had it a couple times when playing it and getting a normal bonus but outside of that its like it doesn't exist

  5. Love watching the videos but I have to skip the mental game, I have tried watching it but I just don’t understand the game at all, as long as you enjoy it, it’s all good, keep up the above average videos 😉😉

  6. Were you intentionally shouting "FILLET" whilst playing a game about catching Fish?

  7. Nice one pal really enjoying the daily content even Craig has stopped picking up the soap and got some content out fair play 😂👑👌

  8. I’m a few vids behind but siding on the giveaways haha. Good luck mate😊

  9. I would love to see you win big on mental, just because id love to see how calm you act. Imagine the entertaining money comments 😂

  10. Try that holy hand grenade jimbo seen some massive hits on it lately. Nice video bud

  11. I won on the 25th you posted my name on your twitter. Still waiting for reply bud

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