28 thoughts on “WE ALMOST CLEARED THE BOARD! Jackpot Block Party Slot Machine Bonus – Huge Win!

  1. good job… I hate jackpot party because it ALWAYS screw me over all the time! My nerves can't take it

  2. Ignore this aesmitty ass….go look at all the comments he does, seems he just likes to be a giant troll

  3. Haha. It doesnt bother me. I appreciate you having my back! But hes totally right. There was two love men picking during that bonus… Maybe we have the magic touch?

  4. Right on! Come visit us again soon!!! I actually consider myself a Las Vegas resident since I go there about once a month. haha!

  5. dont matter what one ya pick, the machine knows whats ya gonna get the second ya get the feature…

  6. I have to say, the poopers in this game do say funny things. I look forward to them in a sick way! ESPECIALLY the glam girl and the nerd boss!

  7. Lorddd I love hearing PARTY SAVER!!!! Ever since Super Jackpot party and I would click SAVER!!!! 

  8. I love this slot machine game! everytime I go to Atlantic City I play this.

  9. Can I play jackpot party slots on my phone for free? Please help

  10. SDGUY, I know your a Legend on here but you gotta check out my win down Mohegan Sun Saturday night! Thnx PimpJuice!

  11. I just love going through your old videos, I remember getting into you all those years back, thanks for the entrainment.

  12. Video #14 challenge complete. Most people would not admire and appreciate this early content, challenge em to watch

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