Wicked Winnings IV Slot – *SUPER BIG WIN* – NEW! – Slot Machine Bonus

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Wicked Winnings IV Slot – SUPER BIG WIN – Slot Bonus
My second “live” look of this great game. What ever drawing board Aristocrat went back to after WW3 … it surely worked. This new version is very engaging in my opinion. Now, as for the free spin bonus…some things never change. It is still tough for me…however, the respin feature is working just fine. I was able to gain 3 big wins from this session…which I will share more as time moves on. I hope everyone gets an opportunity to play this game soon. Please remember to thumbs up, subscribe, favorite, share, tweet and comment. Your support is appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy!


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Wicked Winnings IV Slot – *SUPER BIG WIN* – NEW! – Slot Machine Bonus

12 thoughts on “Wicked Winnings IV Slot – *SUPER BIG WIN* – NEW! – Slot Machine Bonus

  1. OH and BTW…. Went to Hard Rock 2 days ago and did absolutly horrible.. That is the tightest casino I have ever been in. Seriously all say the same thing, oh yea, you will win here and there but dont expect huge winnings there. But hey it's a day with husband and dinner.. I like the Isle, going there next time….

  2. Great win! I have never played the 4th edition, but I have played the 3rd, and I swear, there would be a row of 5 of these, everyone around me could be winning and I always lose. I have never even had the pleasure of a bonus on this thing. Good job slaying that Devil. LOL.

  3. Going to try this out at Borgata in March, just got email from them that this game is in. Last trip there in January I hit the Wonder 4 version of WW for $600, twice (ravens). Nice hit CM and thanks for posting as usual…

  4. some reasons this slot does not pay enough for $3.00 bet. I have had similar winning but much bigger for $0.60.For example the first one -DINAMITE

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