13 thoughts on “WMS Gaming: Reel Boost Series – Super Jungle Wild Slot Bonus & Line Hits ~BIG Wins~

  1. Sorry, I just "picked" a video, but I wanted to say that I hope you and yours are safe from the storm!

  2. man, keep putting these kind of machines, are great, i love them, nice hits,REEL BOOSTyeahhh , congratulations, thanks for sharing

  3. Nice hit phynix….counting down 2 weeks till Friday and I get my birthday shot this year at Grand Casino Hinckley….Only WMS games that have ever given me luck is Circus de Masquarade (Full screen wilds on 8 free spins = $1250 on a 120 bet) and Napoleon

  4. ive actually seen those videos to be honest they very enjoyable to watch than to make those machines pay out good….good job by the way

  5. You know I love line hits. WMS seems the best at delivering a great line hit without needing a bonus multiplier on a lot of their slots.
    Wolfy 🙂

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