12 thoughts on “WMS Gaming – Super Hot Hot Respin Zeus II Slot Bonus ~ BIG WIN ~

  1. Why is it so dark in there? It looks like u just played in your living room with the lights off! Lol! Just saying…..

  2. u ever fill the whole thing up with zeus on the respin feature while in free spin mode I have done it almost 4x in the same day and always get ripped off in middle

  3. Love this slot!  Always have great luck on it.  Of course it's always when I bet the minimum.  Congrats to you and good luck on future slots.  🙂

  4. Another great video my friend! Glad it popped up in what to watch. Have a fabulous weekend! Bumper

  5. those machines are very good at Winning you great amount of money that is if your lucky 😉 I won $300.00 on these not enough

    but gets your through the day

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