Wonder 4 Gold – Fortune King Deluxe Slot – BIG WIN Bonus!

Super Big Slot Wins Video Information:

The Wonder 4 Gold slot machine by Aristocrat allows you to choose from four different games!

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And one of them is Fortune King Deluxe which is what you will see in this slot video! Fortune King Deluxe is in many ways similar to 5 Frogs, and like other Wonder 4 Gold games, your goal is to trigger the bonus where you then choose which of the 4 games you want to win, by receiving the most “Wonder 4” overlay icons. This all assumes you play max bet.

If you choose correctly, you’ll win all 4 games and if not, you’ll just win the game you chose. The base game allows you to trigger the bonus by getting bonus symbols in at least reels 1 thru 3 and if you do, you get to choose your number of free games and associated multipliers. Or you can choose the Mystery option and go for it all by hoping to receive a large number of free games and the high multipliers. Wild symbols are in reels 2, 3, and 4 only and if used during the bonus, a multiplier will be applied to your win. Additionally, you may receive 1, 2, or 3 extra Super Free Games. All in all, this is a highly volatile game, but does give the chance for some “Off the Charts” Big Wins or Jackpots, Enjoy!

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Wonder 4 Gold – Fortune King Deluxe Slot – BIG WIN Bonus!

24 thoughts on “Wonder 4 Gold – Fortune King Deluxe Slot – BIG WIN Bonus!

  1. congrats BP. if you don't pick the best position then you'd only get what you get in the position you pick. that could be terrible. just wondering? thx

  2. Very nice win. You know how to pick 'em. Did your neighbor not realize you were filming? I felt you were very kind in your reply to her…some people might have been rude and told her off. You're a nice guy, BP.

  3. You have a great win making the right choice while the lady asks what time it is?

    All I heard was "This is Wonder Four…..". 🙂

    It's fun making the right decisions in slot bonuses eh Mr TheBigPayBack 😀

  4. Def awesome picking! Congrats!! At my local we don't have that game in the selection.

  5. You put the lady off and wouldn't give her the time because you had to finish your video LOL you're funny! Great job on the bonus!

  6. Always love watching your high limit videos that aren't 20 mins long. Short, sweet and to the point is why I subscribe! Keep em coming buddy and congrats on the nice win!

  7. Do u always pick the bottom right? I believe that's what I always see u pick if I'm not mistaken…

  8. Tell that chick to F*off about asking you what time it is. lol, just kidding! Congratulations!

  9. Very nice! OK, what time was it? Lol😂 Awesome pick and win!! 😌👍🍀

  10. Dear TheBigPayback but i think whatever you choose it gave you the same money,becosue its all program, !!!! whatever GOOD JOB bro congrats,keep going and also you THUMBNAIL is nice

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