Wonder 4 Stars – 5 Dragons Deluxe Slot – BIG WIN Bonus!

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The Wonder 4 Stars – 5 Dragons Deluxe slot machine by Aristocrat seems to be the same as the Wonder 4 Gold slot, but just with different base games!

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In this version you get to choose from four games to play up to four games at once and I chose “5 Dragons Deluxe” for all of them. If you play all 4 positions and you trigger the bonus in any position, you qualify for the “Super Free Games” feature otherwise you will receive the standard free games feature. In the Super Free Games feature you first choose your position and will win whatever that position wins. Additionally special “Wonder 4” symbols sometimes are attached to the regular symbols in the reels, and any time they land on the reels in a particular game, they count up. If you chose the game with the highest count at the conclusion of all of your free games, you win all games instead of just the one you chose! Obviously, if you choose wrong, you may see a jackpot in one of the other games but sadly, you will not win that unless you win the count. Yes, that can be… frustrating!

The 5 Dragons Deluxe slot itself is a “Reel Power” game where you need matching symbols in at least 3 reels left to right, in any position. The bonus is triggered by getting bonus symbols on at least reels 1, 2, and 3 in any position. If you also get bonus symbols on 4 and 5, you’ll just get a higher scatter award. Once triggered, you choose your number of free games and their associated multipliers: the more free games you choose, the lower your multipliers. Additionally, there is a “Mystery Option” where you randomly are awarded one of the free game options and one of the multiplier options, giving you a chance for something great, or something… less than great, hah! 5 Dragons Deluxe is extremely weighted toward 5-reel hits: that’s where the money is, especially when combined with a high multiplier, Enjoy!

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Wonder 4 Stars – 5 Dragons Deluxe Slot – BIG WIN Bonus!

25 thoughts on “Wonder 4 Stars – 5 Dragons Deluxe Slot – BIG WIN Bonus!

  1. Dang! Awesome win. I'd take $600 all day long! Mix up & surprise ppl one day pick #1 lol

  2. I know you were disappointed the first session, but the second made up for it. Good win, BP. $466 in just that one bonus – plus what you won in the other session. Good video too. Btw, I didn't notice you take your player's card out when you play a bonus as one of your readers pointed out. Is it because your name might show up on the player info screen when you win your hand pay with it in? lol Hope you do win one soon – hand pay that is.

  3. That was great picking Mystery and I've noticed you usually choose Game 4 when playing Wonder 4. Those wonder 4 symbols were very few, so it was pretty close. awesome wins BP!

  4. Not too shabby! 😉 Good job on the 2nd picking! I've noticed on your videos that you always pick "position 4".

  5. What does picking the right corner that gets the most hearts during the bonus game give? A multiplayer on your total win?

  6. I have never done good when i play wonder four. But i watch you guys get great bonuses on them. I guess ill have to try again

  7. why do you take your card out during bonuses?? does it not count toward anything? or does that stop from the casino tallying your wins if you hit big, but not jackpot?

  8. AGAIN VIEWERS This Guy is BETTING $6.00 A SPIN… ANOTHER HOUSE MACHINE 4 THE CASINO because if u pick the Wrong position out of the 1-4 you only win the position u picked VERSUS WINNING ALL 4 POSITIONS.. A COMPLETE THUMBS DOWN!!!


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