Wonder 4 Wonder Wheel Pelican Pete Slot – SUPER FREE GAMES – $10 Max Bet!

Super Big Slot Wins Video Information:

The Wonder 4 Wonder Wheel slot machine by Aristocrat features 4 games!

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You can play one or all at one time: Wild Panda, Pelican Pete, Timber Wolf Deluxe and Buffalo Gold Collection. In this version of Wonder 4, triggering the bonus awards you a chance to spin the wheel for standard free games, super free games, or even progressives! In Pelican Pete, the bonus awards you 10 free games with the chance to retrigger only once for an additional 5 free games. During the bonus, any wild symbols become sticky for the remainder of the bonus. While I’m not 100% sure, this game I believe may be a clone of Miss Kitty. Obviously you want a retrigger and you want a bunch of wilds as early as possible as wins will quickly escalate, Enjoy!

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Wonder 4 Wonder Wheel Pelican Pete Slot – SUPER FREE GAMES – $10 Max Bet!

40 thoughts on “Wonder 4 Wonder Wheel Pelican Pete Slot – SUPER FREE GAMES – $10 Max Bet!

  1. Nice hits. Have you did a video on buffalo gold before? If you haven't you definitely should!😀

  2. Sweet WIN!!! That game looks really difficult! Anyway, you conquered it! Nice job!!!!

  3. wow, What a chance to take!!!! You dropped down so low….But got bonus, and won your money, and then some!!! Very Lucky 🙂

  4. I know you can expect more with a $10 bet, but at least you came back and even doubled up. Thanks for sharing.

  5. oh I despise this game! the payout quite frankly SUCKS! and those sticky wilds never work out for me. Really nice video though. Thank you once again for entertaining me after a stressful day 😀

  6. Well you chased and you double! That's not bad at all! Plus that beauty of suns on that third spin! Totally fun to watch! Congrats!

  7. Fantastic Super Wheel Bonus. I thought those suns would have paid more also….

  8. im pretty good friends with Pete the Pelican and he's pissed that you misspelled his name in the title

  9. That early nearly full screen sunsets shows what I dislike about these Wonder4's – in the stand alone Pelican Pete (1cent) its 50 lines for 25 credits and at that 0.25 bet a complete line of sunsets pays $5.00 giving you $250 at minimum bet for a full screen of sunsets – you were betting 2.50 per game (the wonder4 does not split the lines like the stand alone, its 0.50 per game window minimum for 50 lines – that would in theory place the paytable at 2x the stand alone since its 0.01 per line vs 0.005 per line in the stand alone version). Your neary full screen at 5x bet level only paid about $130.

    I get that on the wonder4 you are paying for the progressives (single game and grand) along with the super free game possibility, I just don't like that the paytable is dropped so low on the base game when the progressives and super features are so rare. Wonder4 Tower and this version have been my nemesis on bonus rounds so I may be a bit jaded to these versions.

    All that said, nice comeback after the long wait for a bonus. I believe Miss Kitty is actually a clone of this game, at least locally this version was available years before Miss Kitty showed up. I miss some of the older Aristocrat games back from around 2002-2004 like the original Pelican Pete so nice to see them back, even if in wonder4 form.

  10. wow all of those pelicans and not a single coin show….disappointing. on sun hit, i sware the wonder 4 games dont pay for crap. i avoid them like the plague.

  11. I love Pelican Pete – played it myself today, just not on a Wonder 4 game – on an old classic ten years old. Screen 1 on the array was really good to you – the almost full screen of suns on your second spin ($133.75) and then it also had the bonus where you got the super free games. You should be thrilled with your $412.75 win. I would be.

  12. nice comeback would've been better outcome on the bonus but can't win them all right good luck on next run

  13. I went today and came back 640 ahead cause you wished me good luck 😊. I was very pleased.

  14. Five suns should have been a hell of a lot more. The four games on the "Wonder 4 Wheel" most likely played a factor. Regardless, nice job here.

  15. I spent 100$ on this game for a ****ty regular free game bonus to get 4 bucks i dont play this anymore supergames are were the money is at

  16. Love your videos! Fav youtube channel, but I'm curious (if you even see or respond to this channel) I just can't see the appeal to these wonder 4 or other 4 screen games. They pay SO LITTLE on an average basis that they seem like a scam? Your second spin you almost had a full screen of suns and it barely paid x13? Whats your opinion on them? Thanks, a BIG FAN

    Edit: and to add in this, you had a 10 dollar bet and a bonus got you 40x which I'm not saying isn't GOOD, I just feel to get something like that is very rare, and these games just aren't worth even trying?

  17. That was a piss poor win. I have won more on the old pelican single screen hitting $1.25

  18. Wonder 4 continues to be one of my favorite brands, I love them all, especially Wonder 4 Spinning Fortunes Buffalo Gold Collection where I scored a Mega Jackpot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu5TYFZcB08 Thanks for watching and
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