21 thoughts on “ZEUS III slot machine SUPER BIG WIN

  1. great win i watch your videos all the time by the way can you send me some luck im not too good at slots but i love them lol

  2. I saw a lady play this game the other day and get $1300 jackpot and then 5 minutes later get another $1600 Jackpot. They pay good when they hit. Not for me though.

  3. I hit about 400 with a dollar bet in Lake Charles last month! I think I got 80 6 of a kind.The person next to me was trying to tell me to bet more.Hell,If i do that,my money would go much faster!lol! Still,to me it was a nice little jackpot!!

  4. u bet more u win more, for example if u were betting only 40 cents u only won $400. if you would've bet $2.00 you woulda won $1600. but still a win is a win. Congrats!

  5. @rvrkfwo
    haha yeah I know what you mean. You've gotta find the right place to bet. I always use this one because I know its awesome. Had an awesome run yesterday. Check it out here -> bit.ly/QtkMEu?=hqhcez

  6. The most I've hit on one of these was over $4400 during a bonus round on a $4 bet. Only had $16 invested in the machine.

  7. I like these machines they are sometimes tight with the bonus and dont pay all that much unless you get 6 of a kinds but they dont really eat your money up sp fast so you can spend more time playing them. won myself over 1000$ the other day on this one had the ships like that all except two in the middle or something lol.

  8. Ive never had any luck seen like a 3600 hit on the dean martin version big bet like 5 or 6 bucks in deadwood

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