Online Slots Bonus Buys Session! MEGAWAYS Slots ONLY! 🎰🎰

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Online Slots Bonus Buys Session! MEGAWAYS Slots ONLY! 🎰🎰

12 thoughts on “Online Slots Bonus Buys Session! MEGAWAYS Slots ONLY! 🎰🎰

  1. Check out the max buy on the buffalo bonus builder. Over 7000x! Crazy price even on 10p but damn exciting if you ever find yourself massively up! 😂

  2. Id Love 2Av Sign Up Money 2Throw Away On Bonus Buys Andy😉Toni

  3. Legend mate. That buffalo builder bonus game man, I’ve seen five buys on the max but at ten pence stake and only ever seen it deliver! Would love to see it one day bro. Ps great result for us today! Gotta press city till the end. All the best man

  4. 5:44 it’s because it adds the base win first then adds whatever is won extra through the multiplier, so £1 win with x3 so after the x3 is calculated it adds the remaining win, hence £2, dw I didn’t understand it at first loll

  5. Great video mate , these buys just ain't going your way at the moment, let's hope things pick up soon

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