Mystical Unicorn Mega Big Win Line Hit WMS Slot Machine

Mega Win YouTube Video Information:

Mystical Unicorn – G+ Deluxe
1¢ Denomination – 50 Lines
Line Bet – $0.01
Total Bet – $0.50

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Mystical Unicorn Mega Big Win Line Hit WMS Slot Machine

7 thoughts on “Mystical Unicorn Mega Big Win Line Hit WMS Slot Machine

  1. Nice one! I had all four rows..nothing in first row betting $1 and got $100! So much depends on that last row 🙂

  2. Great! What I can't understand is why something like this happens so often with this game and King of Africa but rarely happens with Nordic spirit even though 5 of a kind pays the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heck, it's even hard to get 3 rows of ladies lol

  3. Good question but it must have to do with the way the reels are weighted. Even though each reel has a separate RNG pull, the alignment to the start/stop position is clearly more in the players favor for MU and KOA. Nordic has the potential for those monster volcano hits so they need to compensate for those somehow. One other alternative is the length of the premium symbols on the reels – they might be longer on the two games you mention that on NS. Regardless, you are absolutely right!

  4. I think the monster hits on this game are the main reason for seeing very few full screens or even 4 rows. Just yesterday, I had to experience this myself to understand it. 🙂

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