12 thoughts on “Wicked Winnings II Wonder 4 Tower!! Huge Win

  1. I love wicked winnings, although I’ve never done good on it. I like this style of recording, let us know your amount in and out, and show us bonuses and lines hits! Thanks for sharing! Good luck 🍀👍🏼

  2. WHOOPIEE!! 💰💵💰 Way to HIT some DANDY bonus n line hits!!! 🎰🎰🎰 LOVE Wicked Winnings n it was the first game (orig version) I even won a big hit (for me at the time anyways) on yrs ago. 😍 I got a bunch of crows n a cpl ladies on a 2¢ machine n won $400! 😯💲 At the time I was a single mom after a divorce n going to nursing school and thought I won $200. My bf who gave me $ to play with n said anything I won I could keep (he's my hubby now💏), said it was $400 n didn't believe it til it counted up n I was shaking n broke down in tears cuz it was SO needed!! 😀 I even told him I couldn't take it, but he insisted since he was up several hundred himself. 😉 So seeing those amazing WINS brought back good memories n I'm VERY happy for you!! 😊 CONGRATS Fred!!! 🎊🎆🎈🎇🎉 Teresa🍓🙋

  3. That was awesome Fred! Wicked Winnings 2 is one of my favorite machines! Hope you had a great weekend 🐼🐾👏

  4. Nice wins on one of my favorite slots. Hope you are having a great week my friend 😁🎉🥳🙂

  5. Nothing Wicked about those winnings – congratulations – I like the Tower games but they are so frustrating sometimes- you get the 10X and nothing shows up – shame on them – stay safe

  6. I enjoy watching you show us the big potential on this Tower! That was a really nice square of wicked ladies! Congrats AA! 🙂

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